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Phoenix Financial Networks is a consulting concern that specializes in helping individuals and couples 

realize their dreams and goals.

  Whether itís through a specialized Mortgage from our lending group. Locating the

perfect home to call your own, or helping you manage your debt.

   Whether you currently own your own business, are searching FOR the right business to invest in or just want to accel at the job that you currently hold, we can help clear the path.

   If your having communications difficulties in your current job or relationship, or just recognize the need to IMPROVE your communication skills, we have the tools you need to make the move!

    Does your company or group need some motivation, inspiration or perhaps just an alternative to the typical run of the mill Keynote Speaker who seems to attend the same 'rubber chicken' dinners every year? We have a full roster of talented speaker available to teach, or talk or hep you laugh your way through almost any event!

The Team at Phoenix Financial Networks either have the tools, the people or the events YOU need to succeed in whatever your vision for the future, long or short term, may be.


Now has their OWN home!

Please take a moment and locate them at:

Where we can repurpose your old, discarded and no longer used PC's printers and periphials and put the BACK to work, in schools libraries, churches and for some qualifying individuals!.

Our goal is to get you moving in, not just talking about it.

 Our work is grounded in real life issues to produce tangible, results to help YOU get the home YOU want, at the price you can afford! We use the context of our business to develop the strategies and behaviors necessary for success in today's money driven climate.

Find out more About US, and then look at our Services to make your possibilities a reality.

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For free email business advice, send your questions, comments or ideas to For issues that are of particular interest to the community, we may publish (with your permission) your questions along with our answers on this web site.


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